Sep 14, 2020|

JD Data: Smart Dishwashers, Washer/Dryer Combo and Sweeping Robots are the Three New Must-Have Appliances for Chinese Families


by Yuchuan Wang

Recent data from reveals that smart dish washers, washer/dryer combo machines and sweeping robots are becoming the three new wish list appliances for Chinese families, replacing the television, fridge and washing machine of 40 years ago.

As China’s rising middle class consumers seek a quality lifestyle, consumption of smart home appliances is becoming a trend. According to JD’s data, smart home products is the top sub-category in terms of sales in the home appliances division. The data also finds that even though just two in every 1,000 customers buy sweeping robots, each of those consumers buys an average of 1.7 sweeping robots.

Health-centric home appliances are also seen as a priority, according to the data. Consumers born after 1985 have become the main group buying massage apparatuses: every seven out of 10 massage apparatuses are purchased by consumers under the age of 35. Smart toothbrushes are most frequently purchased by parents of young children, indicating that they are increasingly paying attention to their kids’ oral health.

Home appliances that are light weight, slim and small in size account for 72% of all the home appliances sold in first- and second-tier cities, reflecting these consumers’ comparatively limited home space due to high housing prices and high density populations. People from lower-tier cities prefer to buy large items such as fridges, air conditioners and washing machines – the growth rate of such consumption from this group is 2.5 times higher than the average on JD.