Sep 14, 2020|

JDer Lab #2 with Alexander Kremer: Rolling-up His Sleeves on the Frontlines to Get the Job Done


by Kelly Dawson’s more than 280,000 employees range from warehouse workers to world-renowned doctors, with a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise. In the next installment of our JDer Lab series, we speak to another JDer about what it’s really like to work for China’s largest retailer.






As a director in JD’s FMCFG Omnichannel division, Alexander Kremer manages special projects for category growth, profitability improvements and operations, primarily in the beer category.

One might expect that he would spend most of his time behind a desk—but as Kremer told us, he first got a taste of the company’s hands-on work culture when he was sent to Suqian, a Chinese city in northern Jiangsu province, to man a customer call center, an experience that really drove home how much the company values customers and high-quality service, he said. Unlike other companies, JD does not outsource customer service.

In his two years with the company Kremer has also served on some of JD’s other frontlines, as part of the company’s tradition of inviting “white collar” workers to support logistics and “last mile” delivery services during the annual 618 Grand Promotion and Singles Day (November 11th) periods. “That’s exciting, because it’s a really important part of our business,” Kremer said. “I think it’s something that could only happen here [at JD].”

That tradition is just one of the many ways in which the team comes together to pull off the 618 (June 18) mid-year shopping festival, which this year grossed 269.2 billion yuan for the company. Kremer’s team put in extensive preparation and thought into making the promotion enjoyable and exciting for consumers, working closely with sales partners and celebrating with them as the promotion proved successful, he said.

These days Kremer is most excited about tackling omnichannel integration in JD’s supermarket division. As the company has expanded into different formats, including offline, multi-channel and online, customers can now expect even faster delivery—even within half an hour of purchase in some cases. As always, the goal is to ensure the customer receives their order as quickly as possible at reasonable cost, he said.