Dec 4, 2020|

JD Digits and PKX to Take Smart Airports to the Next Level


By Ella Kidron

When Beijing’s Daxing International Airport (PKX) opened last year, many hailed it as the most innovative airport in the world. Now, an airport that is already fully-equipped with 5G, smart parking and more is about to get even smarter.

JD Digits and Daxing International Airport have reached an agreement to establish a joint intelligent airport innovation laboratory. The project, which was reported by China Civil Aviation News on Dec. 2nd, was announced via a ceremony at the fourth annual JD Discovery (JDD) tech conference held in Beijing last week.

The project will include a comprehensive innovation space integrating the presentation of construction achievements in intelligent airports, testing of new products and technology, and the pre-production testing of information systems. PKX features the world’s largest single-building airport terminal (700,000 m2) and sits on 47 km2 of land. The first phase of the project was designed with a target of 72 million passengers, 2 million tons of cargo and mail and 620,000 aircraft movements per year in the long term. All of this means that its operations are extremely complex.

Based on the airports real, multi-faceted scenarios, and relying on cutting edge technological capabilities in algorithms, big data technology and artificial intelligence accumulated by JD Intelligent City over the years, the two sides will help build an intelligent airport innovation system and achieve joint product innovation and incubation. The parties have already carried out research covering aspects high precision positioning, intelligent passenger service robots, data room management, and more.

JD began cooperating with Daxing Airport in 2019. JD Logistics provides integrated logistics services including storage, transportation and delivery in the airport, while JD Retail Experience shops offer passengers the convenience of on demand or on-the-go shopping. Additionally, JD Digits has implemented a smart parking system, which allows drivers to easily locate the most suitable parking space for their car and complete in-app payment.