Dec 4, 2020|

What Does the Middle Class Costumers Like to Buy on Yihaodian?


by Rachel Liu

Earlier this year JD upgraded the B2C e-commerce platform Yihaodian (No. 1 Store) to be the first online membership-only retail platform in China, providing a premium shopping experience for members, many of which are middle-class customers. Recently a report released by Yihaodian reveals the shopping preferences of these customers in six cities in China.

The report, based on the consumption data of Yihaodian, covers Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Hangzhou, six cities where consumers have relatively higher purchasing power. It shows that in Beijing, customers like to buy baby diapers after midnight, and 70% of customers who make orders are male customers. Customers in Shanghai like to buy imported beer the most, while customers in Guangzhou prefer high-end health supplements, especially customers who are born after 1990.

The report also shows that in Shenzhen, 80% of male customers bought smart wearable products for their partners. Customers from Suzhou are passionate cat lovers – 15% of customers who buy cat food on Yihaodian are from Suzhou, and most of them are female. Female customers from Hangzhou are the ones who love to buy home furnishing products the most.

The upgraded Yihaodian membership program focuses on providing high-quality, selected products with competitive prices. Customers can also enjoy JD Logistics’ unparalleled same-or-next day delivery service. Other services that ensure a high-quality customer experience include “membership fee insurance,” which means if a customer place over 12 orders in one year and the money they saved (compared with JD prices) is lower than the money they paid for the membership fee, Yihaodian will provide a full refund of the membership fee; as well as 24/7 customer service, refunds of orders with broken packages, special discounts for new members and more, providing a better and more economical shopping choice for the growing population of middle-class customers in China.