Sep 26, 2020|

A Naughty Boy, Several Dead Crabs, and JD Fresh


by Vivian Yang

Ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Beijing resident Mr. Liu ordered more than ten hairy crabs from on Sept 22nd. A few hours after receiving the order, he discovered that several of the crabs were dead. He immediately reported this to JD, and received the standard double refund within a day. Case closed, right? Not so fast. Mr. Liu discovered later that it was actually his six-year-old son who was the crab-tampering culprit.

On the day when the order arrived at home, Mr. Liu placed the crabs in a basin covered by a piece of cardboard so the crabs could not run away. He then answered an important phone call in another room. When Mr. Liu returned to check the basin, he peeked into the basin and noticed that several of the crabs were dead.

Mr. Liu immediately called JD – according to the company’s fresh crab delivery promise, customers are eligible to receive a double refund for each dead crab received during the Mid-Autumn Festival. His request was quickly processed to his satisfaction.

It was not until the next day when Mr. Liu was doing a casual review of his home monitor video that he discovered that his six-year-old son had facilitated the crabs’ “prison break”, going so far as to tie small ropes to the crabs in an attempt to walk them like dogs, and pretended to battle the crabs. During the “play” session, several of the crabs died.

When Mr. Liu returned from his phone call, his son was too scared to admit what had happened. It was only the next day when the boy was confronted with the video that he admitted what had actually happened.

Mr. Liu called JD’s customer services at once, and apologized for previous wrong complaint. He insisted on returning the refund.

“If it hadn’t been for the monitor video, I wouldn’t have known what really had happened at my home,” Mr. Liu said.  “I felt embarrassed for requesting a refund.”