Mar 4, 2020|

JD E-Space Resumes Operations in Chongqing


by Ella Kidron

On March 2nd, JD E-Space in Chongqing officially resumed operations. The store has seen steady customer flow and high conversion rates so far. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the store temporarily suspended operations in late January until March 2nd.

Small household appliances, computers and digital products and mobile phones are among the best-selling products at E-Space in the last few days. Although E-Space is an omnichannel model which offers the ability for consumers to order within the store via JD’s app with a single click and then have it delivered home, most consumers choose to take small products home during this period. In particular, computers, printers and projectors are extremely popular, particularly as children are doing school remotely and many office professionals are still working from home, with some printers even selling out. In addition, gaming-specific computers have been very popular.

“After we re-opened, many customers came into the store to shop. We didn’t do any advertising of the re-opening besides posts on our own WeChat and Weibo accounts, showing that consumers are following the store closely,” said Xuefei Li, general manager of operations at JD E-Space.


JD E-Space in Chongqing officially resumed operations


To protect its employees and customers, the store has strict safety measures in place. Employees are required to satisfy the required 14-day observation-at-home period before coming back to work, and when they do, masks are required at all times and they receive daily temperature checks. Customers must also wear masks at all times within the store and have their temperatures checked before they can enter the store.


To protect its employees and customers, the store has strict safety measures in place.


Although E-Space is branded as an experience store, it has proven that in this period of time, it can also serve as a place to conveniently satisfy immediate consumer needs. Customers may not be “experiencing” all that the store has to offer at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped them from shopping. Li said, “We’ve seen high conversion rates in the last few days. Most customers come in with a clear idea of what they want to buy.”

JD E-Space, the 50,000 square meter mega experience store operated by made its debut on Singles Day (November 11th) 2019. It enables consumers to try virtually anything within the store, and provides experiences from driving go-karts, to taking baking classes and even taking the washing machine for a spin with real clothes.