Mar 11, 2021|

JD Enables Datong Residents Service Hotline with AI


by Yuchuan Wang

In February 2021, the smart residents service hotline (12345) for the city of Datong, a prefecture-level city in northern Shanxi province, was officially launched. Powered by AI solutions provided by JD Technology, the number of daily calls have increased 31.7% since then with a pick-up rate of 100%.

Datong’s residents service hotline handles an average of over 5,000 calls a day. Queries cover topics including pensions, quarantine policies and city operations problems among many others. Prior to the collaboration with JD Technology, the hotline mainly relied on traditional customer service, resulting in a large number of missed calls and vague answers as service staff would rely on standard replies, impacting efficiency.

With AI technology, inquiries from Datong residents are first handled by the robot customer service, and seamlessly transferred to human customer service as necessary. The hotline is also empowered to detect human emotions in real-time so that it can provide appropriate responses, making for a natural and efficient interaction. JD also customized the hotline to recognize local dialects accurately using semantic analysis technology.

In addition, JD helped Datong build a big data analysis platform using the data from the calls to the hotline to provide real-time forecasts and early warnings for impending issues and emergencies.

Currently, Datong’s smart hotline can pick up as many as 7,000 calls a day, compared to the previous peak call volume of 4,000 before the system was put in use.

“The smart hotline has greatly reduced my workload. In the past, due to the massive volume of calls, I didn’t even dare to get up to drink water in fear of needing to the use the restroom,” said one of the hotline’s customer service staff.