Jun 24, 2020|

JD Establishes Designated Nucleic Acid Testing Center for its Employees in Beijing


by Ella Kidron

In order to convenience employees who have to travel around and outside of Beijing, JD has set up designated nucleic acid testing stations for its employees in China’s capital. The move follows JD’s announcement that all of its delivery couriers, truck drivers and cold chain fresh food warehouse employees were undergoing free nucleic acid testing, and underscores the company’s commitment to keep its employees, and by extension customers and partners, safe while the virus still looms. Over 2,000 frontline employees have already completed the testing.

Stations are available at JD’s headquarters in Yizhuang, in the south of Beijing, as well as its office in the north near the Olympic stadium. As an added convenience, employees’ family members can enjoy the service if accompanied by a JD employee. The appointment is made in advance internally and employees can purchase the testing online via JD Health at a discount. Business travel-related testing can be reimbursed by company through the standard business trip reimbursement process.

The site for the new testing station at JD Headquarters in Yizhuang

JD is the first platform in China to offer online nucleic acid test booking services during COVID-19. Since early on in the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, JD Health has worked with several providers to make booking testing appointments easily available to people in at least 31 cities. Following the sudden resurgence of COVID-19 at Xinfadi, Beijing’s largest vegetable and seafood wholesale market, demand for nucleic acid testing has surged and online booking has become an essential convenience. On June 13th, the number of users who either followed or browsed the nucleic acid testing booking service on JD Health increased by 385%. On the same day, sales of nucleic acid testing services increased by 460% compared with the day before.