Jun 24, 2020|

Sales of JD Worldwide Increased 110% Y-O-Y on June 18th


by Rachel Liu

JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products, has become the No.1 choice for many Chinese customers to buy imported products. On June 18th, sales of JD Worldwide increased 110% y-o-y. Imported pet products increased nearly 400% y-o-y, imported beauty products increased 180% y-o-y, and imported electronics products, maternal and baby products, health care products, fashion products have all increased over 100% y-o-y.

On JD Worldwide’s designated promotion day during the festival, June 14th, sales of JD Worldwide increased over 170% y-o-y. To mark the occasion, JD Worldwide also welcomed Ms. H.E. Clare Fearnley, New Zealand Ambassador to China; Mr. Luis Schmidt and Ms. Natalia Cortés, Chilean Ambassador and Commercial Counsellor of the Chilean Embassy to China via a livestream show to introduce popular products from their home countries to JD customers, which attracted over 7 million viewers.

JD Worldwide also witnessed the sales increase of many international brands. From June 1st to 18th, over 30% countries saw sales of their products more than doubled. JD Worldwide has introduced over 1,000 new brands as of May 2020, and welcomed over 500 stores on third-party platform, including Abbott, Nestlé, as well as international chains such as South Korean department store AKPLAZA and Japanese drugstore Daikoku Cosmetics. During this 618, sales of the stores increased over 100%.

This 618, JD Worldwide introduced 30,000 new international products to JD customers. On June 18th, sales of new products were 15 times that of the average daily sales in May. From June 1st to 18th, sales of over half of the new products increased over 200% compared with same period of May.

The amount of JD Worldwide customers increased most rapidly in lower-tier markets, more than doubling year-over-year. Customers from lower-tier markets like to buy infant milk powders and bone health-related products.