Dec 2, 2022|

JD Fresh Launches Chilean Cherry Giftbox with Joy Wing Mau


by Mengyang He

Ahead of the 2023 Chinese New Year Grand Promotion, JD Fresh,’s fresh food business, joined hands with China’s leading fruit company Joy Wing Mau, to launch a high-quality Chilean cherry giftbox on November 29.

As a major importer of cherries, the Chinese market consumes up to an estimated one-third of cherries worldwide. Thanks to JD’s nearly 600 million customers, rigorous quality control measures, and robust global cold chain and supply chain capabilities, JD Fresh has become China’s leading brand of fresh food products, with cherry sales remaining high each year.

Chilean Cherry Giftbox from Joy Wing Mau’s high-end brand Joyvio

Natalia Cortes Garcia, Trade Commissioner of the Chilean Embassy in China, noted in her remarks, “Chile is the world’s leading exporter of cherries, accounting for over 41 percent of the global market. In the last season 2021-2022, Chile exported a total of 356,000 metric tons of cherries, which meant around USD 2 billion in exports. This year, it is estimated that the arrival volume of cherries will be about 25 percent higher than last year, reaching about 446,000 tons.”

Qin Jinsong, Regional Manager (North China) of Joy Wing Mau highlighted, “The company has begun its international business since 2018 with an aim to build high-quality fresh food standards, and it has actively developed a supply chain system relying on Chile’s advantageous industrial chain.

“With the principle of ‘quality first’ in mind, JD Fresh strictly adheres to a series of quality control standards for cherries, such as appearance, taste, specification, sugar content, hardness, packaging, transportation, storage conditions, and more,” added Wang Wenbo, Sales Director of Fresh Food Procurement of JD Foods. According to JD’s data, the transaction volume of cherries sold on JD Fresh exceeded RMB 800 million yuan last year, and this year’s overall sales target is RMB 1.1 billion yuan.