Apr 11, 2022|

JD Fresh Launches Premium Australian Beef Products


by Mengyang He

JD Fresh, JD.com’s fresh food business, recently launched full blood Wagyu M9+ beef products in collaboration with Rangers Valley, one of the world’s most respected premium marbled beef producers. All the beef products will be imported from Australia and selected by experienced JD Fresh buyers.

Full blood Wagyu M9+ beef from Rangers Valley

“The transaction volume of Australian steak products account for 53 percent of that of imported steak products on JD.com in 2022,” Xiaozhou Zhou, general manager of JD Fresh, added. “JD Fresh is committed to providing top-notch fresh food to our consumers. The collaboration with Rangers Valley will meet more potential needs for meat-lovers through JD.com. In the future, we will also explore the U.S. market to bring more premium meat products to our consumers.”

According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China, China has replaced the United States as the world’s largest beef importer since 2018. China’s beef import volume has been mounting each year, reaching 10 billion US dollars in 2020. However, beef products from Australia accounted for approximately 12 percent. In order to further expand the Chinese market, Rangers Valley has focused on China’s high-end retail market.

“JD.com will be featuring infinite ribeye and striploin cuts in its online offering. Rangers Valley is excited to see this new opportunity for Infinite Wagyu to reach the kitchens of discerning JD customers,” noted Andrew Moore, Manager of Beef Division of Rangers Valley.

Cattle from Rangers Valley

Originated in 1838 in Australia, Rangers Valley is committed to providing Australian beef with premium quality to consumers. As the representative of Wagyu beef brand, Rangers Valley’s products enjoy a global reputation, and they used to be exclusively served in MICHELIN-starred restaurants and high-end hotels.