Dec 7, 2021|

JD Fresh Signs with Top Chilean Cherry Exporters for Direct Sourcing


by Mengyang He

JD Fresh signed agreements at the Embassy of Chile in Beijing on December 6, with four top Chilean cherry exporters, namely Garces Fruit, Copefrut, Nature South, and Fruittita Co., for direct sourcing of cherries from Chile. H.E. Luis Schmidt Montes, the ambassador of Chile to China, witnessed the ceremony.

Signing ceremony at the Embassy of Chile

Crispy and sweet, Chilean cherries are well received by Chinese consumers. “This year, we are partnering with JD Fresh in the hopes of letting more Chinese consumers enjoy high-quality cherries,” explained Mr. Hernan Garces G., CEO of Garces Fruit.

Cherries from Garces Fruit in Chile

China is the world’s largest market for Chilean cherries, and nearly 95% of Chilean cherries for export are sold to China, noted ambassador Schmidt. Under the uncertainties of supply chain, direct sourcing from Chile will ensure supply chain efficiency and control losses.

By the end of November this year, the transaction volume of cherries on soared by 200% YOY, and in the 2020 season, JD Fresh’s cherry sales reached nearly RMB 500 million yuan.

Container ship carried with cherries

To standardize cherries, JD implemented several measures on specifications, weight, packaging, and more. Mr. Xiaozhou Zhou, General Manager of Procurement on Fruits and Vegetables at JD Fresh, said that JD Fresh has high standards for products and needs to ensure quality control from the origin. Therefore, one important reason to choose exporters for direct sourcing is their capability and willingness to work with JD Fresh to elevate standards in the industry.