Nov 26, 2021|’s Black Friday: Cross-Border Sales and International Logistics Backing


by Vivian Yang

Overseas consumers keen to buy cultural gifts, children books and trending snacks on the internet

JD Global Sales,’s cross-border e-commerce platform, launched a week-long sale from Nov. 21 to 30 to coincide with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The platform is an extension of’s main site in Mandarin, aimed at consumers in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas areas.

The platform’s sales in November indicated that as overseas customers begin new year preparations, they showed a strong interest in shopping decorations and gifts with Chinese elements during the Black Friday sale.

Beijing Forbidden City’s creative cultural products, such as coffee cups, night lights and other modern daily necessities, are highly popular picks among overseas customers for Christmas and new year gifts. So far this year, the transaction volume of chinoiserie cultural products on JD Global Sales has increased nearly eightfold year on year.

During the shopping festival, home-related products remain popular. Data from Superbuy’s flagship store on JD Global Sales indicated that aside from digital products, kitchenware,  personal care products, and trending snacks on the internet, such as river snails rice noodles, saw a near threefold increase in sales compared to October.  On the other hand, consumers are spending more on their health, with the transaction volume of healthcare and fitness-related products increasing 8 times year on year.

In addition to direct shipping, this year JD introduced cross-border consolidated shipping on the platform, which can ship a number of individual orders together to save even more money and time. Moreover, during the Black Friday shopping festival, the platform will offer overseas shipping discounts of up to RMB 150 yuan, which has proven to be a most welcome offer for many parents looking to stock up on children’s books.

JD  International Logistics in full operation over Black Friday

In addition to its products, JD’s services and technologies are further expanding globally. For the first time, in addition to the US warehouse, JD International Logistics’ overseas warehouses in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, the Middle East and other locations have all been in full operation for this year’s Black Friday.

JD’s global logistic infrastructure not only facilitates cross-border trade between China and other markets, but each warehouse is also open to serve local clients, as more and more brands and sellers from various regions seek JD’s expertise in retail and logistics to help them grow their omni-channel businesses.

For cross-border logistics, JD can provide an integrated full-chain solution to meet sellers’  diverse demands, such as transportation by air, rail, sea and truck between China and US, UK, Europe and more regions. Several chartered flights and trains have been arranged to prepare merchandise before this year’s Black Friday.

Meanwhile, sellers can enjoy JD’s FBA one-stop delivery service to warehouses in many key US and European regions. They can also track the entire parcel delivery process from start to finish, giving them peace of mind to manage cross-border goods.

In terms of local logistics services, JD’s automated warehouses in particular have been prepared to assist local partners during the sales peak on Black Friday. A nice example is JD’s automated warehouse in the Netherlands. The facility has been handling orders for Hunkemöller, a leading European lingerie brand, in four countries: The Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

JD‘s automated warehouse in the Netherlands

By June 30th, 2021, JD has been operating roughly 50 bonded and overseas warehouses globally in the US, UK, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and more regions. JD International Logistics’ worldwide supply chain network reaches more than 220 countries and regions, and the company is dedicated to building two-way 48-hour pathways and establishing a robust and efficient cross-border infrastructure for global sellers and shoppers.