Dec 10, 2022|

JD Fresh Welcomes First Shipment of Chilean Cherries in Shanghai to Kick Off Season 2022/23


by Vivian Yang

On December 9, JD Fresh, the fresh produce business of, joined hands with Chilean Fruits Exporters Association (ASOEX) to host a ceremony at the Bund in Shanghai to celebrate the arrival of the first ship transporting cherries of Garces Fruit, Chile’s largest cherry grower and exporter, and to officially unveil JD’s nationwide promotional campaign.

This 2022/23 season of Chilean cherries has kicked off in China, ushering in an annual highlight for both markets and the industry, as data shows that China accounts for over 90 percent of all Chilean cherry exports with an estimated value of $3 billion to be reached in the coming season. Plump, juicy and red in color, cherries are viewed by Chinese people as a festive and auspicious gift during the traditional Chinese New Year, which will fall on January 22nd in 2023.

A LED show reading “cherry shopping on” was illuminated on a landmark building at the Bund at 8.p.m. during the ceremony.

Close partnership aiming at over 20% sales growth

Chie’s Minister of Agriculture Esteban Valenzuela sent a congratulatory remark via video for JD Fresh’s cherry season opening and in recognition of the close cooperation between Chilean and Chinese partners.  Gonzalo Figueroa, Consul General of the Republic of Chile in Shanghai attended the ceremony and stressed the importance of the trade of cherries which has achieved great success commercially and beyond. He described this kick-off ceremony as “one more step for the friendship between Chile and China.”

Esteban Valenzuela, Chile’s Minister of Agriculture congratulated JD Fresh’s cherry season opening

Yang Yuan, general manager of’s public affairs in eastern China region, noted that thanks to JD’s capabilities in product quality control, global supply chain and cold-chain logistics, JD Fresh has become the largest and best-selling retail channel in China for Chilean cherries. Yuan is optimistic that JD Fresh will achieve over 20 percent sales growth during this new season’s promotion while supporting its partners to strengthen their brands in the Chinese market.

Gonzalo Figueroa, Consul General of the Republic of Chile in Shanghai  

A number of leading Chinese fruit importers and distributors were present at the event. Their strong partnership with JD Fresh was acknowledged with honors including the “Golden Quality Award” to Yi Du Cherries; “Best Cherries Supplier Awards” to Yu Qian Group, Jin Guo Group, Ai Ze Group and Jia Ze Group; and the “Rising Brand Awards” to Garces Fruit and JoyVio Group. Meanwhile, two cherry producers San Francisco lo Garces Spa and Copefrut S.A. have been designated as JD Fresh’s global farm partners.

Better cherry-shopping experience for Chinese consumers

JD Fresh announced three improvement measures at the event, targeting fruit quality, price and customer service.

On the produce side, JD Fresh has been collaborating with leading fruit companies on direct sourcing of cherries from Chile and co-designing standards throughout the supply chain to ensure collection of prime berries, with respect to their appearance, size, sugar degree, and hardness; and also picking, packaging, transportation, storage and other shipping processes. Royal Dawn and Santina are two early high-quality cherry varieties that Garces Fruit prepared to cater to Chinese consumers, and took up 48.1 percent and 38.4 percent respectively on the first ship transporting cherries. JD Fresh is one of the company’s prioritized channels to introduce a variety of cherries in China.

In a bid to offer even better prices for more high-quality imported cherries to Chinese consumers, JD Fresh has taken more precise measures to control ocean freight and make dynamic price adjustments in the Chinese market, so as to let more people enjoy “cherry freedom,” a popular term on Chinese social media people use to self-identify when they are wealthy enough to purchase pricey cherries without a second thought. During JD Fresh’s pre-sale period, consumers can enjoy an RMB 220 yuan discount on every RMB 299 yuan spent on certain cherry products.

A charted ship transporting cherries  for JD Fresh to depart from the port in Chile

Regarding customer service, JD Fresh aims to accelerate the cherry delivery speed to customers’ doorsteps by working closely with its industrial partners in every step of the journey from custom clearance, warehousing to last-mile delivery. Moreover, in case of any packaging or quality problems found in the fresh foods ordered on JD Fresh, the company has standard after-sales services in place to ensure that consumers will receive immediate compensation without the need to return the products.