Dec 10, 2022|

JD Health Opens 24/7 Online Anti-COVID Consultations as Virus Controls Loosen


by Vivian Yang

As China further relaxed its COVID rules this Wednesday, JD Health introduced its “online anti-COVID clinic” to offer 24/7 medical consultations. With an average responding time of less than 30 seconds, the telemedicine service is expected to provide much-needed assistance for people to deal with the spike of infections.

Local governments like Guangzhou and others have advised mild COVID patients and asymptomatic carriers to rest at home and prioritize internet hospitals or nearby preliminary-level clinics before going to hospitals.

In response to the latest anti-COVID policies, JD Health’s online doctors are geared up to work around the clock to provide users with a range of customized health consultations whenever and wherever they need, ranging from personal and family virus prevention solutions, advice on chronic diseases management, recovery plans, to psychological counseling and more.

A number of renowned doctors have been invited for livestream sessions on JD Health to help the public better handle a variety of health challenges in this time of COVID outbreaks, such as guidance for cardio-cerebrovascular patients’ home-stay health management, prevention of respiratory diseases in winter, effective ways to cope with anxiety and depressions, and so on.

COVID-related testing kits and medications are in high demand in the past week. JD Health’s data showed that sales of medicines for cold, fever, cough, and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs increased 18 times compared with the same period in October. Transaction volume of antigen self-test kits rose 344 percent week over week.

In addition to COVID-related medicines, JD Health’s pharmacy department also ensures sufficient storage of medicines for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and other chronic diseases, and conducts real-time monitoring on product demand to safeguard timely supplies and stable prices.