Feb 16, 2023|

Australian M3 Beef Tendons Top JD’s Yihaodian’s 2022 Best-Selling List


by Vivian Yang

Yihaodian Membership Store, China’s first B2C membership-only e-commerce platform under JD.com, released its annual most popular items ranking on February 15, based on the site’s 2022 sales and members’ ratings. The Australian M3 beef tendon of Yihaodian’s private label “One ‘s Member” topped the list of the most repurchased products, with more than 40 percent of members’ repeat repurchases. The item has made over 410 percent year-on-year sales growth.

In order to bring One’s Member customers a higher quality and value-for-money beef product, professional buyers conducted worldwide sourcing to finally pick a two-century-old Australian ranch to develop the 270-day, grain-fed, M3 level Angus beef tendon, according to Wang Pengfeng, head of the beef products for One’s Member.

During market research, the team found that Chinese consumers have rising demand for high-quality beef products such as M3, M5, M9, and other high-grade beef, with their preference turning from seasoned to raw cut, and grass-fed to grain-fed meat. Considering that the Chinese cooking style involves a lot of stewing, shabu-shabu, and marinating, Yihaodain developed moderately soft beef tendons that cater to Chinese people’s tastes.

Besides the quality control from the origin, Yihaodian leverages JD’s logistics network to stock fresh products in 16 warehouses across the country. These warehouses are equipped with cold-chain delivery capacity, ensuring the beef products can be freshly delivered to consumers’ doorsteps.

Meanwhile, Yihaodian always pays close attention to its members’ feedback. If a product’s satisfaction rate drops below 98 percent, the product manager will take immediate action for improvement or even de-list the item.

The model of the popular Australian beef tendon has been replicated in many other One’s Member products by Yihaodian these days, to incubate more hit products for its members. To date, Yihaodian has more than 400 kinds of One’s Member products. These products are sourced with its target customers in mind – mainly China’s middle-class shoppers – for a healthy and quality life. Additionally, the brand’s competitive prices are compared across main retailers on the market, in an effort to present prime product selections and make shopping easy and affordable.

Data shows that from 2016 to 2021, China’s beef consumption reached an average annual compound growth rate of 7.5 percent, and by 2022 the consumption volume totaled 10.245 million tons, making it the world’s second-largest country in beef consumption.