Apr 7, 2020|

JD Health CEO Tells AP TV about the “Largest Hospital in the World”


by Ella Kidron

The Associated Press published a video (subscription required) taking an in-depth look at JD Health’s online consultation platform. The roughly three-and-a-half minute-long video includes interviews with CEO of JD Health Xin Lijun, as well as with Dr. Xu Siying, a full-time doctor with JD Health.

Online service is making a huge impact for people who are unable to get to a doctor due to self-isolation or road closures during COVID-19. Xin explained, “Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus virus, there’s many areas where people have to go into self-isolation. It’s difficult for them to have the chance to go for in-person consultation, so during this epidemic, the demand for online consultations has exploded.”

Xin Lijun, CEO of JD Health, speaks to AP TV in his office at JD HQ

In the video, Dr. Xu is pictured speaking with a patient. She jots down the patients symptoms during the conversation. “We receive patients online and give them comprehensive answers, one-to-one. Many patients find this to be a very good experience.”

When asked about the difference between online and offline consulting, Dr. Xu explained, “In fact, both online and offline, we’re doing the same thing, providing diagnosis and treatment services to patients.” It is not really a decision of offline or online medical care, and in fact the two should work in tandem. “I think offline and online medical treatment can actually form a closed loop of complete medical treatment.”

Dr. Xu Siying speaks to AP TV at JD Health offices

JD is providing the service entirely for free during the duration of the epidemic. Xin explained that the company sees this action as part of its responsibility to society. “During this epidemic, you can’t just think of the commercial benefits or relations you can get, because it is a society-wide problem.”

In addition to the hundreds of full-time doctors the company employs directly, JD Health has already recruited over 30,000 doctors from medical institutions across the country. “It’s the largest hospital in the world” according to Xin.

JD launched its online medical consultation platform early on in the COVID-19 outbreak. With the rapid growth of the virus overseas, the company launched a bilingual English-Chinese version of the platform in mid-March. One of the impetuses to release the platform is that being in self-isolation makes it difficult for people to get to hospitals. As a result, the demand for online consultations has exploded. So far, the platform has already received more than 5.85 million views, and has conducted 130,000 overseas consultation request, including over 8,100 in English.