Feb 28, 2020|

JD Health Delivers Prescription Drugs Within 30 Minutes


by Hui Zhang

JD Health has been collaborating with nearly 60 pharmaceutical companies to provide patients and consumers with online prescription refills, advice on medication, and drug delivery service to ensure adequate supply to patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension – especially for those in Hubei Province. Drug deliveries can be made in as fast as within 30 minutes from ordering to keep patients from unnecessary leaving of their homes.

Patients simply need to type in the names of the drugs they need in JD’s app and submit an appointment request. JD Health’s qualified doctors will offer free consultation services to them and provide follow-up prescriptions which will be reviewed by pharmacists later. The drugs will be delivered by JD Logistics or other logistics partners.

There are up to 13 million patients with chronic diseases in Hubei Province(with a total population of 59 million), and many of them lack medication. To address these challenges, JD Health has also launched a new online platform to connect chronic disease patients in Hubei with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies and provides timely information on where they can get the drugs they need, online or offline. By building this platform, JD Health has created a new channel for accessing needed drugs for patients with chronic diseases in Hubei in addition to offering drugs from its own stock. So far, the platform has already received over 16,000 requests for help from patients in Hubei, and 80% of the patients registered on the platform have successfully received the drugs they need.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, numerous patients with chronic diseases are running out of medication because some local hospitals and pharmacies have suspended regular services. JD Health has partnered with pharmaceutical companies to establish the ‘Chronic Illness Care Program’ to meet patients’ needs. Patients with chronic diseases can also enjoy free 24/7 online consultation services through the JD Internet Hospital platform, which has 30,000 doctors available and has already provided over 3.3 million free online consultations to date.