Feb 11, 2020|

JD Health offers Innovative Services during Coronavirus Outbreak


By Hui Zhang

JD Health, JD.com’s health care business and one of the highest-valued unicorns in the world, is continuously innovating amid the novel coronavirus outbreak to meet patients and consumers’  needs. JD Health has launched free online medical consultation services and ensured in-time medical supply in an effort to avoid cross-infections. It also invited top medical experts in China to give free live-streams to ease people’s anxieties about the epidemic. Here is how JD is making it happen.

Free Online Consultation Services

Starting on February 6th, JD Health expanded the scope of its free 24/7 online consultation to include all diseases. The clinical departments involved would address not only the epidemic-related respiratory, infectious and psychology departments, but also cardiology, endocrinology and pediatrics, amongst others. The services are available to not only residents of Hubei, but also all the people across the country having access to the Internet. This helps reduce the risk of cross-infection, provide timely and convenient consultation services for a large number of patients who can’t go to hospitals. Meanwhile, it can also help relieve the pressure on hospitals.

As early as January 26th, JD Health launched a free online consultation platform within JD’s app to people who suffer from symptoms such as cough, fever, fatigue, and diarrhea and wish to consult a physician. At the same time, JD Health offers a free hotline service for people who need psychological support, especially front-line medical staff working in a highly-intense and high-stress environment.

JD Health, JD.com’s health care business and one of the highest-valued unicorns in the world

JD Health convenes tens of thousands of expert physicians who offer a wide range of medical consultation services on its platform, and there are nearly 200 physicians employed as full time staff. The average daily consultation volume of JD Health’s platform has reached 100,000 since January 26th. During peak times, the free consultation is able to serve tens of thousands of patients within an hour. Nearly 60% of all free consultation requests are received and handled by respiratory physicians.

“As a doctor, although we are unable to go to the frontlines, we can serve more people on another battlefield. I’m honored to be able to provide patients with self-protection, medical guidance, and to help ease their anxieties through JD Health’s platform,” said Fan He, a full-time doctor of JD Health.

Securing Medical Supplies

Undertaking a quarantine or home isolation is an important measure to control the spread of the epidemic, but it also makes it inconvenient for people who need to see a doctor and buy medicine.

“People with chronic diseases, the elderly, infants and young children, and pregnant women are among those with high demand for medical treatment and medicinal purchases. However, these vulnerable people will not only have to face the risk of cross-infection if going to hospitals but will also increase the pressure for hospitals, which would feel the strain,” said Jianbo Xiao, general manager of JD Health’s Internet Hospital.

JD Health, which is the largest pharmaceutical retailer in China, ensures drug supply and promises not to increase prices during this period thanks to its direct cooperation with a large number of well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. In addition, JD’s unparalleled logistics efficiency and qualified pharmaceutical team also make it possible for consumers to buy the right drugs appropriate for their illness and get them delivered in time.

Live-streams by Medical Experts

JD Health has organized several live-stream experiences hosted by administrators or medical experts from top Chinese hospitals and medical veterans who have experienced the 2003 SARS epidemic to provide knowledge of coronavirus-prevention and psychological counseling. The live-streams are free to the public to help reduce their anxiety related to the epidemic, and JD Health promises to continue providing more live-streams in the future.

JD Health has organized several live-stream experiences hosted by administrators

“Facing this epidemic, JD Health is working day and night to ensure the quality of our consultation services,  and continually exploring new ways to help curb the coronavirus outbreak,” said Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health.

In November 2019, JD Health completed its latest funding round at US$1 billion, valuing the start-up at around US$7 billion after it was spun off from JD.com in May. This makes JD Health the third unicorn to be launched by JD.com after JD Digits and JD Logistics.