Mar 15, 2024|

JD Health Enhances Eldercare Services with Key Partnerships at Beijing Conference


On March 12th, JD Health held its fourth annual Partner Conference, coinciding with the Eldercare Consumption Summit in Beijing. The event attracted over 400 attendees, including eldercare specialists and industry representatives, and focused on developing a healthcare system that is both inclusive and adaptable, catering specifically to the dynamic needs of China’s aging population.

During the summit, JD Health established partnership agreements with ten industry-leading brands, including 3M, Cofoe, Yuwell, Haier, Innuovo, ITD GmbH, LePu Medical, Mateside, Omron, and Sonova. The partnerships also marked the establishment of the “Eldercare Brand Alliance,” dedicated to propelling innovation in eldercare services and products, ultimately improving the quality of life for senior citizens through collective efforts.

Jin Enlin, CEO of JD Health, highlighted the company’s commitment to leveraging collaborative resources to scale, standardize, and strengthen recognizable brands within the burgeoning silver economy. This strategic approach is poised to deliver unparalleled care and support to the elderly.

As China’s premier online health platform, JD Health offers a diverse range of over 30,000 brands and numerous subcategories in eldercare. Its expansive offerings cover various needs, from mobility aids to in-home care solutions, emphasizing a professional and user-centric ecosystem for eldercare products and services.

In January, JD Health launched a dedicated eldercare channel to provide a wide selection of products and services specifically designed for the elderly. The channel facilitates everything from the installation of nursing beds and at-home hearing aid services to 24/7 specialized online customer support, aiming to close the gap between professional healthcare services and the elderly community.

JD Health has also effectively integrated its online and offline services to establish a comprehensive eldercare service system. This includes setting up hearing centers and offering services such as medical escorting and quick home check-ups, enhancing the overall accessibility of eldercare.

With nearly 300 million people aged 60 and above, China’s silver economy is expanding rapidly. JD Health remains dedicated to serving this demographic, continuously working to improve the quality of life for senior citizens nationwide.