Mar 12, 2024| Announces Enhanced Spring Dawn Initiative with New AI Service Package

Share: recently announced the launch of its enhanced Spring Dawn Initiative, a robust suite of solutions for third-party merchants to boost revenues, including new AI services designed to reduce merchants’ operational costs by up to 50%.

Since its initial launch in January 2023, the Spring Dawn Initiative has been a catalyst for growth, increasing the number of third-party merchants on our platform by 4.3 times. As we come closer to welcoming our one-millionth merchant partner, we are excited to launch the next phase of the initiative.

  • Store Launch AI Assistant: Our cutting-edge AI assistant simplifies the store opening process, enabling merchants to launch their online presence in as fast as one minute. This tool acts as an assistant to answer any questions related to launching an online store.
  • AI-Driven Content Creation: With tools like and, access to high-quality content production is easier than ever. From generating engaging images and marketing content to creating product recommendations and explanatory videos, these AI solutions save merchants significant costs annually.
  • Digital Presenter Livestreaming Service: Leveraging AIGC technology, our digital presenter service allows for 24-hour uninterrupted live streaming, offering merchants a cost-effective way to engage with customers and drive sales without the hefty price tag associated with traditional live streaming. The digital presenter system can intelligently “read” product features and introductions by importing the product sales link, analyzing the selling points, and creating livestreaming scripts automatically. In early February, JD’s self-operated COACH flagship store adopted this feature, which sustained online traffic and drove conversions during the unstaffed Chinese New Year holiday. JD’s data shows that livestreaming achieved a 10% transaction rate during the holiday, increasing overall conversions by tenfold at just 1/10th the cost of traditionally hosted 24-hour live streaming.

  • Intelligent Customer Service: Our AI customer service robot not only halves the cost of manual customer service operations but also significantly boosts sales conversion rates, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.For instance, when users ask questions about product attributes, leveraging JD’s ChatRhino large language model (LLM), it can lead to a 5% increase in response accuracy by automatically generating replies. Additionally, it sharpens product recommendation accuracy by 27%, providing customers with personalized suggestions and insightful reasons behind them.  We’re also pioneering the development of a merchant-exclusive consultancy feature, which delivers smart, data-driven business analysis reports with just a simple command, paving the way for more informed business decisions.

Our commitment extends beyond technological innovation. We continue to roll out cost-reduction policies, commission rebates, and operational support, including:

  • Zero-cost Trial: A welcoming gesture for new merchants, allowing them to operate on without any deposits or platform fees, significantly lowering the barrier to entry.
  • Enhanced Traffic and Business Intelligence Tools: From our “Price Star Rating” tool, which automatically enhances product exposure, to the “Business Opportunity Center” that identifies high-demand products for merchants, we provide a variety of tools designed to maximize visibility and sales potential.
  • Operational Efficiency Tools: The Jingmai marketplace service equips merchants with 18 free tools covering product management, advertising, and order evaluation, streamlining daily operations and boosting efficiency.

At, we believe that an exceptional user experience is the cornerstone of merchant success. That’s why we’re expanding access to premium services like “Price Guarantee,” “Lightning-Fast Refund,” and “Free Returns and Exchanges” to third-party merchants.