Mar 15, 2024| Boosts Trade-In Subsidies and Enhances Service for Household Appliances and Home Goods

Share: announced on March 14 at the China Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) that it will invest RMB 3 billion yuan (USD ~420 million) in 2024, in collaboration with its partners, to further improve subsidies and services for customers trading in used home appliances and goods.

The company anticipates that over 20 million users will participate in JD’s trade-in program in 2024, with more than 30 million old appliances and home goods collected through the initiative.

Since launching its trade-in service for household appliances in 2016, has expanded to include household goods, covering more than 200 subcategories and reaching over 95% of cities and towns across the country.

To simplify the trade-in process, has implemented several user-friendly measures, such as complimentary doorstep pickup, dismantling, and recycling of old appliances, without limitations on their type, brand, age, or condition. The platform has also adopted a fixed-price deduction model for trade-ins to alleviate shoppers’ concerns.

Moreover, has led the way in offering trade-in services for home goods and is one of the first to provide integrated dismantling and delivery services for a wide range of appliances and items, including mattresses and electric locks. This comprehensive service model significantly reduces the hassle for consumers by eliminating the need to deal with multiple service providers.

The continuous improvements to’s trade-in services have earned increasing appreciation from Chinese consumers. In 2023, the platform collected over 15 million old appliances. Since March 2024, participation in JD’s trade-in program has grown by more than 150% year over year.

This initiative aligns with the action plan issued by the State Council of China on March 13th to promote large-scale equipment renewals and trade-ins of consumer goods. The plan focuses on enhancing convenience and streamlining the appliance update process by fostering collaboration among retailers, manufacturers, and recyclers to promote trade-ins, including the establishment of dedicated zones and incentives for trading in old appliances for energy-efficient models. is dedicated to serving as a bridge between consumers and manufacturers, working with partners to promote the appliance industry’s high-quality growth, expedite the development of green supply chains, and provide reliable, cost-effective products. By offering comprehensive services and supporting brands, aims to encourage consumption renewal in the home appliances and goods sector.