Sep 15, 2020|

JD Health Launches Charity Efforts to Treat Pneumoconiosis Patients


by Vivian Yang

JD Health will partner with the charity foundation “Love Save Pneumoconiosis” (大爱清尘) to explore the use of telemedicine and intelligent medical equipment in the fight against pneumoconiosis, a respiratory disease caused by workplace exposure to dust .

As part of these efforts announced on September 15th, JD Health’s charity team and doctors will provide free online consultation for pneumoconiosis patients, said Luyi Ma, general manager of the company’s medical equipment department.

JD Health will also leverage its strength in supply chains to source and raise intelligent respiratory equipment and relevant medicines and deliver them free of charge to pneumoconiosis patients in China, Ma said.

To further raise people’s awareness of pneumoconiosis, the JD Foundation also launched a  crowdfunding campaign for oxygen machines.

Pneumoconiosis has been dubbed the “number one killer” of occupational diseases, accounting for 90% of all occupational diseases in China, according to a survey. The “Love Save Pneumoconiosis” foundation, established in 2011, is devoted to helping and treating this population.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has increased public concerns about respiratory health, propelling JD Health to ramp up efforts in this area, including the expansion of telemedicine services. During the pandemic, JD Health offered free online consultation on respiratory diseases to the public, and officially launched its respiratory center, which gathers respiratory experts online from China’s 26 provinces, providing patients with an easier way to access high-quality medical support.