Jun 11, 2021|

JD 618 Grand Promotion: Nanjing is No.1, And Other Fun Facts


by Ella Kidron

With JD’s 618 Grand Promotion over halfway through, some trends are emerging. The JD Big Data Research Institute summarized several fun tidbits about different regions in a short report released on Jun. 11.

The report finds that shoppers in Nanjing, Jiangsu province are the most active, taking the crown for No. 1 order volume per person of any other area in the nation. Group buying, which has become popular in China in recent years, is most used in Harbin. The average amount per group buy order in the chilly capital of Heilongjiang province in Northeast China this year exceeds RMB 1,000 yuan.

The “night owl” champion of e-commerce goes to Guangzhou, where 10% of orders were placed between midnight and 5 a.m. Finally, as the service economy is sizzling across the country, Beijing residents are taking the most advantage of buying services online, with car, life and sports services topping the list.

The 618 Grand Promotion (held from Jun. 1-18) celebrates JD.com’s 18 years of providing high quality services to consumers all over China. During the pre-sales period, the e-commerce giant’s 30-day price protection, free delivery and worry-free return services made customers more confident to get a head start on the mid-year shopping extravaganza, resulting in pre-sale orders being up 640% YOY.

More details are in the infographic below: