Oct 29, 2020|

JD Health: New Logo, New Mission and New Era


by Vivian Yang

2020 JD Partners Conference was held on Oct. 29th in Chengdu, Sichuan province under the theme of “Photosynthesis and Symbiosis”. Over 1,000 industry partners, policy makers, medical experts and media gathered to discuss the new opportunities and challenges of the China’s healthcare industry in the post-COVID ear, and promote greater cooperation to drive the industry’s transformation.

At the conference, JD Health released its upgraded company strategy that positions itself as a supply chain-centered, medical service-based and digitally-driven health management platform that covers the full life cycle and healthcare scenarios for its customers. With the vision to become the most trusted health management provider, it’s mission is to be the “chief health officer” for the Chinese people.

Lei Xu, Chairman of JD Health and CEO of JD Retail said in his opening speech that the healthcare service industry is facing a critical period of digital transformation. “JD is ready to open up its core technology, supply chain, big data capabilities to make itself and its partners stay ahead of the curve.”

Lei Xu, Chairman of JD Health

“Exploring business model innovation for healthcare services, promoting efficiency of hospital’s management and operations, and accelerating the information construction for public health are all important values that JD Health can bring to the healthcare industry.” Xu said.

Yuhui Zhang, deputy director of the Health Development Research Center of the National Health Commission, highly recognized JD Health’s  concept, He pointed out at the conference that “the policy dividend has been released, and the “big health” industry should seize the prime opportunity for development to offer more diversified and customized healthcare services to meet different levels of customers.”

Earlier this year, JD Health demonstrated its valuable strength in the fight against COVID-19. “We are not complacent about this,” said Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health on the conference, “JD Health will keep the momentum and continue to join forces with our partners to promote the healthcare industry to be more digitalized and intelligent, improving medical service supplies and quality by focusing on the development of omnichannel and lower-tier markets.

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health

JD Health launched its new logo that includes two leaves during the conference. The leaves are called arisaema heterophyllum(天南星), an ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine and are associated with an anecdote concerning the father of Traditional Chinese Medicine Li Shizhen(1518-1593). It is said that Dr. Li once found that there was a recording error in the herbal book about the leaves’ use that almost cost the life of his patient. The incident prompted him to re-edit the Compendium of Matera and correct all possible misinformation.

JD Health released its new logo

With the new logo, JD Health wishes to carry on Dr. Li’s spirit in promoting medical progress. It also marks a new era for JD Health’s development in which it will embrace greater cooperation with its partners to build a win-win ecosystem, promote the growth of internet hospitals and facilitate more people to get access to high-quality medical resources and trusted healthcare services.