Oct 29, 2020|

JD Digits Redefines “Chief Growth Officer”


by Robin Luo

You might have heard these titles before: They start with the letter C and are senior executives in a company, such as CEO, CFO and CTO.

Lately there’s a new one in the C suite: CGO, Chief Growth Officer. By definition, the CGO is responsible for the growth of a company, whether in revenue, customers, market shares or profit. At most companies, it’s a high-ranking role, just like its peers.

But at JD Digits (JDD), a digital technology company with roots in JD.com, every single employee is deemed a “CGO”.

“It represents a notion,” said JD Digits Vice President Ling Xu. “Growth is the target and we are all committed to helping clients achieve the target. Only when clients reach their goals, can we share the benefits. It’s a client-centered philosophy, to encourage the employees to put clients first.”

For instance, a blockchain team in JDD has given over 1,000 brands and merchants access to JD’s blockchain platform, helping them improve efficiency, create new business models and accomplish digital transformation.


CGO and sustainable growth

In recent years, the global economy has been mired in a downturn. Aggravated by the pandemic this year, people are looking for a new momentum that can help get the economy back on track. For many companies, digital technology represents a way forward.

As a digital solution provider, JDD has helped many businesses go digital, with the company itself playing the role of CGO to fulfill their goals of digital transformation and upgrading. In this understanding, CGO is no longer a person— it represents the entire company.

In the bigger picture, JDD is bringing digital technology closer to the real economy, with an aim to maintain sustainable growth in the long run.


Key to Growth

In China, JDD is one of the few companies that both understand the value and hold the capability of digital technology. Based on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data, IoT and blockchain, JDD has accumulated rich experience and expertise in digital transformation and upgrade.

Up to now, the company has worked in robotics, intelligent cities, digital marketing, financial technology and many other fields, serving hundreds of millions of individual users, more than 700 financial institutions, governments and other public institutions in more than 30 cities.


Make Growth Happen

JDD, in its role as CGO, has two patterns to help clients to grow.

For companies with strength in digital technologies and in-depth understanding towards their industry, JDD will serve as an accelerator to boost their digital transformation and help them access more valuable resources.

On the other hand, for those newcomers to the digital transformation, JDD is more of a trustworthy consultant to guide them and impart the industrial know-how.