Dec 14, 2020|

JD Health to Offer One-Stop Services on the World Strengthened Immunity Day


by Vivian Yang

JD Health will carry out a string of activities to raise people’s awareness of immunity protection in commemoration of the World Strengthened Immunity Day on December 15th 2020, including free-of-charge one-on-one doctor consultations via JD Health’s online platform, livestreaming events with renowned experts in this field to raise awareness and introduction of select healthcare products for immunity enhancement.

Immunity knowledge promotion page on JD Health 

The World Strengthened Immunity Day was originally introduced by the World Health Organization in 1988, to raise awareness in the fight against polio. Despite the fact that the infectious disease has now been eradicated in China today, this date still serves as a reminder of the importance of immunity, which is known as “the world’s best doctor” for the well-being of the human body.

A healthy immune system functions in three aspects, according to a flyer posted by JD Health in preparation of the knowledge-sharing activities. First, it helps the human body prevent infectious diseases by resisting the invasion of pathogens and other poisons; second, it can detect aging and dead cells and remove them in time to maintain the stability of the human body; and third, it can discern, kill and clean mutant cells to prevent tumor occurrence.

JD Health’s platform provides a one-stop servcies for immunity enhancement 

During the event more information and advice from JD’s full-time doctors on how to strengthen the immune system for people of different age groups, living habits and health conditions will be available on JD Health’s platform, where people can enjoy a one-stop convenient and professional healthcare experience including watching online lectures, conducting medical consultations, ordering helpful products and more.

A livestream session held by JD Health ealrier this year to promote health knowledge 

Boosting immunity has been trending this year in the wake of COVID-19, as people come to realize that disease prevention is no less important than disease treatment.

This consensus is evidenced by Chinese customers’ surging investment in healthcare products. During this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion (Nov. 1-11), sales of vitamin products grew by 6 times YOY, probiotics products by 200% YOY, enzyme products by 180% YOY and imported healthcare products by over 270% YOY on