Dec 30, 2020|

JD Helps Elderly with Digital Service System in Tianjin


by Ling Cao

With the sudden drop in temperatures across China’s northern region this week, JD’s robots have called and alerted elderly people in Tianjin in advance, reminding them to wear warm clothes. According to JD, the robots will provide regular calls to over 5000 elderly people who live alone in Tianjin, combined with human calls and indoor care services.

The program is part of a digital elderly service platform which JD Cloud & AI cooperated with the Hexi district of Tianjin municipal government. After a year of system construction, the platform is an integrated source to manage and update elderly people’s information in one place, such as family status and health conditions, and providing them with efficient service solutions.

One example is the one-click device (“一键通” literally means “one click and done) built for elderly customers, which is part of the overall program. In the morning of November 10th, Ms. Weng, an elderly woman who was home alone, felt uncomfortable. Her daughter was sick and hospitalized at the time, so she immediately pressed the device for help. The residential compound’s workers and volunteers came to see her in just five minutes.

A representative from JD Cloud & AI said, “As one of the key technology providers for the program, the platform is a trial to leverage technology into services for the elderly, which on the one hand, meet the elderly people’s demands, and on the other hand, make the whole process fast, efficient and cost-effective.”