Dec 30, 2020|

JD Couriers Trivia and Significant Stories


by Yuchuan Wang

JD’s couriers received over 200 appreciation letters in 2020. Behind the letters are the elderly, pregnant mothers, kids and other ordinary customers. Below are some selected stories told through the appreciation letters.

Willingness to help others

In the afternoon on August 25, 2020, Ms. Liu from Tianjin received a phone call from Ju Peng, a JD courier. Peng told Ms. Liu that he had attempted to deliver a package, but no one seemed to be at home to receive the order. Usually during this time, Liu’s elderly mother would be at home. Liu asked Peng to leave the package with her neighbor, thinking her mother might have stepped out. But after Peng hung up, he insisted on knocking on the door. After a while, Liu’s mother finally opened the door.

“[Peng] called me again and told me my mother was at home, but she seemed unwell, and suggested that I go back home as soon as possible and take her to see a doctor,” said Ms. Liu.

Ms. Liu’s appreciation letter and flag

Ms. Liu’s appreciation letter and flag

Later that day, Liu’s mother was confirmed to have subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), which is a life-threatening type of stroke caused by bleeding into the space surrounding the brain. Fortunately, the surgery and a series of treatments went very well, and Ms. Liu’s mother was discharged from the hospital in late September.

“Peng Ju’s willingness to help others saved my mother’s life and my family. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Peng.” wrote Ms. Liu. I hope more people can learn from him.”


A customer from Shanghai sent an email to JD’s customer service team, suggesting that JD “must praise Yan Lei,” a JD courier who delivers to her community compound.

“must praise Yan Lei,” a JD courier who delivers to her community compound.

A young mother wrote this mail who just gave birth recently. Every time Yan delivers a package, he contacts the customer via text message instead of making the standard phone call, and waits quietly outside, to make sure his arrival doesn’t disturb her and her baby.

The customer mentioned in the letter that sometimes Yan waits for her for over 10 minutes, and he always helps bring household waste downstairs. During the height of COVID-19, Yan helped customers to buy masks and always carried a disinfectant spray to put customers at ease during deliveries.


Another customer from Shanghai demonstrated her complete trust in JD courier Zhaohai Shi. Mrs. Wu is over 60 years old and lives alone. As she is not in good health, Wu wrote a letter to Shi with her bank card password, requesting that he withdraw money on her behalf.

“It shows Ms. Wu’s trust in me that she gave me her password,” Shi said. “And such trust makes me feel quite moved and encouraged.”

Mrs. Wu’s letter

Mrs. Wu’s letter

Such stories are everyday occurrences between JD’s customers and couriers, but there have also been more extraordinary stories too.

A JD’s courier in Wuhan, Dongdong Xu, helped customers deliver vegetables to elderly parents during the lockdown. Jian Ma, head of a JD delivery station in Xinjiang, together with his other five colleagues purchased 120 soccer balls as a Children’s Day gift to a local primary school.

In September, JD couriers were awarded by China Post News overseen by State Post Bureau as “Most Beautiful Couriers”, in recognition of their hard work and beauty of character, especially during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year.