Sep 15, 2020|

JD Helps Nestlé Build Intelligent Digital Distribution Center in Tianjin


by Yuchuan Wang

Nestlé and JD Logistics launched an intelligent digital operations system in Nestlé’s north distribution center today in Tianjin, one of the four municipalities in China.

Leveraging JD’ technological capability, the distribution center’s technology is able to automatically identify specific products and deliver to designated Nestlé clients, including retailers, distributors, and online and offline wholesalers thus reducing the amount of manual handling required for dispatch and outbound operations. The flow of goods between different provinces can also be visualized and controled thanks to advanced intelligent technologies.

“We now have much more intelligence and many more insights to drive better decisions, ” said Tony Domingo, senior vice president of supply chain and procurement for Nestlé Greater China. “This would not be possible without strong partnership with JD Logistics.”

“JD Logistics covers the whole process from inbound of goods to the warehouse to the transportation to end retailers, so as to provide faster delivery and better service. We will keep exploring how to deepen our partnership with Nestlé and create greater social value,” said Yunfeng Shi, general manager of JD Logistics’ North China branch.

The two parties also jointly developed a set of automatic QR coding, scanning and stamping equipment with an adjustable conveyor belt. The technology is flexible and can be automatically adjusted to fit different product types. Goods will be moved to the operations terminal via the conveyor belt for automatic QR code scanning and coding, and then transferred into trucks for delivery to clients.