Dec 15, 2020|

JD Helps Pu’er City Achieve Digital Transformation


by Rachel Liu

JD will help the industrial belts in the city of Pu’er, Yunan province to achieve digital transformation. Pu’er is a city with rich natural resources and famous for producing globally popular Pu’er tea.

JD and Pu’er city jointly built the Pu’er cultural and tourism industry belt, to make better use of its tourism resources; and the JD Fresh operation center in Yunan province to speed up the development of the fresh food belt of Yunan. JD and ten leading tea companies in Pu’er also established the JD High Quality Pu’er Tea Alliance, and launched a direct sourcing base for organic Pu’er tea.

For the cooperation on tourism, JD will assist the development of the Pu’er tourism industry through building an online store, conduct joint brand marketing campaigns and provide resources and traffic, to help the local tourism industry achieve digital transformation.

The JD Fresh operation center will integrate high-quality supply chains in Yunnan province to empower local merchants and industries. JD Fresh will open a “green channel” for fresh food of Pu’er and provide trainings for merchants, helping to further develop omnichannel sales scenarios.

The direct sourcing base of organic Pu’er tea and the JD High Quality Pu’er Tea Alliance will focus on digitalization. JD will also help Yunan province with poverty alleviation, leveraging JD’s platform and resources, and empower agriculture companies with operations and marketing capabilities in every step from production to sales.

Supporting different industries and enterprises to achieve digital transformation has been a key goal for JD. JD Cloud & AI has also helped the city of Jiujiang, Jiangxi province to build online stores to promote its popular products, and hold livestreams with local brands. JD plans to build a digital economy industrial park in the city to provide infrastructure and technological support to local businesses.