Dec 15, 2020|

JD iCity to Digitalize One More Thermal Power Plant with AI


by Vivian Yang

JD iCity, a business unit of JD Digits focusing on empowering intelligent cities with AI and big data, won a bid of digitalization project for a large thermal power plant in China on December 14, 2020. The plant belongs to China Energy Investment Corporation and is based in Langfang, Hebei province, which borders Beijing.

The project aims to apply cutting-edge AI technologies to transform the plant’s power generation management systems to improve boilers’ efficiency and reduce coal costs and pollution.

JD won the bid thanks to its boiler combustion optimizing control system, a technology that demonstrates how JD is a pioneer in bringing deep-learning AI into the boiler room. The system has already been implemented in several power plants in China so far, and has proven effective in solving the ultra-complex worldwide problem of dealing with high-dimensional continuous variables when the boiler is burning in real time.

Through intensive self-learning and the adaptive nature of AI, the system is capable of monitoring multiple core measuring points and over 70 control parameters of the boiler, such as the temperature, coal feed rate, air intake damper positions and more,and also implements dynamic tuning for the best combustion effect.

At the same time, the system can generate operational plans based on self-learning, and big data analysis provides helpful guidance for plant workers, reducing their reliance on high-level experts.

Thermal power generation will remain the main source of  electricity in China for years to come. This industry has high demand to adopt new technologies to upgrade and modernize itself. JD iCity will continue its R&D and services in this field to empower more enterprises with digitalized solutions for more efficient and sustainable development.