Nov 20, 2020|

JD Holds Second Annual Agriculture Forum


by Yuchuan Wang

The second annual Divine Farmer Forum was held in JD’s headquarters in Beijing on November 16th. At this forum, JD introduced the latest developments in its JD Farm project, which leverages advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain and big data to advance the farming industry. Nearly 40 JD farms have been launched across the country so far.

The second annual Divine Farmer Forum was held in JD’s headquarters in Beijing

Established in 2019, the Divine Farmer Forum is committed to exploring the development path of agriculture. Co-organized by Renmin University’s China Cooperative Research Institute, JD Farm and Flyteam, a Beijing based agricultural consulting company, over 400 representatives from China’s Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, municipal governments, agricultural associations, consulting companies and enterprises attended the forum.

JD showcased some examples done by JD Farm at the forum. In Linqu, Shandong province, the locally bred “Little Qiao honey peach” is tasty because it contains more sugar than average, but it easily cracks during the growing period and can be affected by low temperature during Springtime. In 2018, JD Farm began to equip the traditional peach farm with advanced technologies.

According to Yongjun Gao, general manager of “Little Qiao” family farm”, JD Farm applied an IoT digital agricultural system which is able to monitor water source, soil, climate and insect infestation. With real-time data, the system is able to forecast and provide alerts for natural hazards, suggest how fertilizer and pesticides should be applied, and improve the overall quality of fruits.

Little Qiao family farm is also able to sell its honey peaches across China online, thanks to JD’s e-commerce platform.

“Leveraging JD’s technology and e-commerce abilities, we bring produce directly from farms to consumers’ tables at the best price,” said Baozheng Long, vice president at “The application of smart supply chain, IoT, blockchain, AI and big data will further drive the industry to develop and help farmers earn more.”