Nov 20, 2020|

Oncologist Guizhi Sun Joins JD Health’s TCM Center


by Hui Zhang

A nationally renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) veteran, Guizhi Sun, joined JD Health’s TCM center on November 19th to lead the tumor clinic team.

Dr. Sun has more than 60 years of experience in treating tumors by combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine. She has diagnosed and treated more than 800,000 people with middle- or late-stage tumors. She is the honorary chief researcher of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, in addition to being a chief physician and professor.

Dr. Sun will lead her team to provide authoritative and professional online consultation services for patients through the platform of JD Health which will rely on its supply chain and technology advantages to help Dr. Sun’s team promote the TCM culture.

In addition to JD Health’s TCM center, the Nutrition & Healthcare Department, and the Nourishment & Health Preservation Department also signed an agreement with Dr. Sun to explore cooperation opportunities in TCM online consultations and medicine development, so as to benefit a wide range of patients.

The TCM center, which was unveiled by JD Health on June 7th, has brought together a number of experts from TCM hospitals including Xuemin Shi, Runsan Xu, Sihua Gao, and Baogui Chen. Based on experts’ areas of focus, consultation desks covering nephropathy, respiration, andrology, oncology, endocrine, gynecology, cardio-cerebrovascular are available through the initiative.

In addition to online consultation, JD Health also launched an “online service platform for prepared slices of TCM” on September 2nd to provide customers with a one-stop service experience that covers online medical consultation with TCM doctors, filling prescriptions, preparing herbal decoctions and delivering the medicines to customers’ homes.

“JD Health’s TCM center will continue to aim at reconstructing the TCM ecology with science and technology, and fulfill the mission of improving people’s health by cooperating with more and more Chinese medicine masters in the future,” said Ximu Li, director of JD Health’s TCM Center.