Jun 1, 2020|

JD Holds Second Wine Tasting and Evaluation Conference


by Rachel Liu

From May 20th-22nd, JD.com and the China Alcoholic Drinks Association jointly held its second Wine Tasting and Evaluation Conference in Beijing. Experts from the China Alcoholic Drinks Association and Chinese Grape Industry Technology System tasted and graded about 200 brands of wine that are selling on JD. Twenty wine won gold medals, 30 won silver and 32 bronze. The results of the evaluation will be shown on JD’s product page to help customers choose wine more conveniently. Cynthia Yang, JD’s professional wine purchaser/sommerlier and WEST Diploma candidate also joined the evaluation.

In 2019, JD and the China Alcoholic Drinks Association held the first Wine Tasting and Evaluation Conference, and jointly released the China Wine Region Standards. The wine market in China is riddled with complexity and customers often want to have more guidance on wine selection. The China Wine Region Standards and its associated evaluation system can provide professional recommendations to Chinese consumers, helping them pick out high quality wine, and promoting the healthy development of the wine industry.

JD’s participation in the release of the China Wine Region Standards also targets to promote the development of China’s wine industry, as it sets a standard upon which to evaluate each wine based on appearance, fragrance, taste and overall quality. It can also strengthen the concept of wine regions and increase the popularity of the wine regions among customers, building a healthy environment for the development of Chinese wine industry.