Apr 7, 2021|

JD Holds Steak Campaign to Adapt to Consumption Trends


by Ling Cao

JD held a Super Steak Campaign during Mar. 22 to Mar. 28, in order to match customers’ increasing demand for purchasing diverse, high-end and specialized steaks.

JD’s data showed that 8,929 tons of steaks were sold during the campaign. Customers who bought steak for the first time on JD increased 120% YOY. Additionally, the campaign accelerated sales for other related categories, in which shrimp, fish and meat sales increased 200%, 110% and 80% YOY, respectively.

A report from Nielsen showed that customers tend to buy the freshest and highest-quality produce and meat, 32% of who are willing to pay for meat from big brands. JD’s data showed the same trend, in which popular steak brands such as Hitomorrow and Hondo sales have surged since March to now.

In another trend, data from JD showed that more and more parents buy steak specialized for kids, as these products normally select tender steak cuts, which are more suitable for kids. Data showed that sales of this category increased 3.5 times in March compared with that in February.

Nielsen’s report unveiled another trend for fresh produce consumption, which is that customers tend to consider whether the shopping experience is convenient. To provide tailored service for customers, JD combined the products with a staggered delivery service, in which customers buy a larger volume of steak, but have the option of postponing delivery of some portion of the steak until the customers are ready, in order to ensure freshness.

JD has long been determined to provide best-in-class steak for customers. Ye Kan, sales manager of meat products at JD Fresh shared that they regularly review customer comments, popular key word searches and more, in order to ensure that JD Fresh is addressing customer’s demands. One example is that last year, JD Fresh designed a steak product specifically for JD’s PLUS members, with premium beef collections and packages which is very popular among PLUS members, with a 97% satisfaction rate.