Apr 8, 2021|

JD to Help COSCO Shipping Logistics Build Intelligent Warehouse


by Yuchuan Wang

COSCO Shipping Logistics and JD Logistics (JDL) inked a partnership on Apr. 2 in which JDL will help COSCO build an intelligent warehouse in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, to drive the digital transformation of the logistics service provider affiliated with COSCO Shipping Corporation which owns one of the world’s largest shipping fleets.

According to the agreement, JDL will provide COSCO Shipping Logistics with integrated supply chain solutions. By introducing a highly efficient intelligent stacking machine system, the intelligent warehouse in Jiaxing is expected to be able to handle as many as 5 times the number of the in- and out-bound goods a traditional warehouse can process on an hourly basis. In addition, JDL will leverage its advanced algorithms and operations experience to enable unmanned retrieving and return of pallets in the warehouse.

“The Jiaxing automation project is a starting point of our collaboration with JD Logistics and a demonstration of the digital transformation push of COSCO Shipping Logistics,” said Kai Jiang, general manager of the company. “We hope to deepen our cooperation with JDL in both domestic and overseas markets in the future and complement each other’s advantages.”

“Supply chain digital transformation is a systematic project for enterprises. We are thrilled to participate in the construction of COSCO Shipping Logistics’ intelligent warehouse system which will leverage our deep understanding of supply chain automation, digitalization and intelligent-ization,” said Jade Wang, head of open platform for digital supply chain at JDL. “The two parties will establish a long-term communication mechanism to drive the digital transformation of COSCO Shipping Logistics.”

JD.com established a partnership with COSCO Shipping Corporation in 2017 and has since collaborated in shipment, logistics, e-commerce, technology and finance.