Oct 20, 2020|

JD Holds Super Brand Day Procurement Offer Ahead of Singles Day Shopping Festival


by Robin Luo

The Singles Day (November 11th) Grand Promotion is around the corner. According to data from JD MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) Super Brand Day that has just concluded, overall procurement volume of industrial products grew 213% year-on-year. MRO products, transportation and storage products, maintenance and protective materials have demonstrated particularly strong growth.

Products closely related to manufacturing come on top, and account for more than half of the total volume. Chinese domestic brands have taken up 50% of Super Brand Day top sales list.

Logistics companies are busy preparing for the upcoming shopping festival. Their purchase amount ranks third among all industries. As a result, sales of transportation and storage products have seen a growth of 370% year-on-year.

Personal protective products are the biggest winners in both purchase volume and amount. Masks, protective clothing and disinfectant are in highest demand.

Analysts said of all the figures, the sharp surge in transportation and storage material is most eye-catching. It shows that the Chinese economy and consumption potential not only have recovered strongly, but also will remain robust in the long run.