Mar 19, 2020|

JD.ID CEO Pledges to Prioritize Supply of Daily Necessities in Indonesia


by Martin Li

Zhang Li, CEO of JD.ID, sent out an open letter via social media today, pledging to prioritize supply of daily necessities which are in high demand in Indonesia, as COVID-19 becomes increasingly challenging.

JD.ID is an e-commerce joint venture of, the largest retailer in China. March 28th marks the 4th anniversary of JD.ID.

Zhang Li, CEO of JD

“We understand the concern and anxiety over food supply, daily needs and sanitation products. With this in mind, JD.ID will continue to focus on prioritizing the restocking and delivery of essential products that are most in demand and in need. Our supply chain and logistics arms are now more vigilant than ever in ensuring goods are delivered to your home as fast as possible,” Zhang, who is also VP of, said in the letter.

“As social distancing is advised to be one of the key ways to slow the spread of coronavirus, we urge everyone to stay #DiRumahSaja (stay at home). JD.ID provides convenient online shopping experience in the comfort and safety of your home,” said Zhang in the letter.

It was during the Chinese Spring Festival that COVID-19 started having its impact felt in Indonesia. In the most populous country in Southeast Asia, people frantically rushed to buy face masks and other medical supplies.

The huge demand for face masks led to a short supply and price hikes as high as ten times the original price. However, in its commitment to the health and safety of its consumers, JD.ID supplied 10 million face masks to the local market through its direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform without increasing prices. The masks were sold out within just two weeks.

Zhang also reaffirmed the company’s commitment to provide exceptional and trustworthy service to customers.

Full version of Zhang’s open letter: