Mar 19, 2020|

iPad Pro and MacBook Air Launch on JD, with Door-to-Door & Trade-In Services


by Rachel Liu

On March 19th, Apple’s new iPad Pro and MacBook Air officially launched on JD.  Coupled with the release, JD has also launched a trade-in service which can be completed at customers’ door steps.

In selected areas, the trade-in process can be completed in as fast as two hours after orders are placed. Customers who order the new products will be able to trade in their used electronics to JD when the new products are delivered to their doors, and receive a higher than usual compensation. Customers who participate in the trade-in service will also be entitled to an additional subsidy of up to RMB 1000 when they purchase the new product. JD is the first platform to launch this kind of trade-in service in the industry in China.

JD’s 7FRESH supermarket will also launch an exclusive gift pack for the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air. Customers can place orders on the 7FRESH app, and receive the product within as fast as one hour along with fresh apples and sports headphones as gifts.

Phone trade-in has gained popularity in China, but it is not without its challenges. JD’s trade-in program launched with Apple’s new products helps address problems such as low valuation, a complicated process, and privacy concerns due to personal information remaining on the old devices.

JD will offer several additional services with the trade-in, such as free application of screen protectors, data transfer, and wiping of personal information. The program not only accepts used Apple products, but also cell phones, laptops and tablets from most mainstream brands, enabling JD customers to enjoy the new Apple products at a more competitive price.

JD has been working with Apple since 2009 when Apple first entered the Chinese market. JD has been working with Apple to provide premium customer service to Chinese consumers. In 2018, JD launched service packages for Apple products covering purchasing to after-sales, including Apple Care Service, My Setup, and the trade-in service, further enhancing JD’s competitive advantage in customer service.