Jan 24, 2017|

JD Kuaidi Raps in Ode to his Colleagues

JD.com’s delivery team, who are company employees, are ubiquitous throughout China. Easily recognizable in their red jackets, whether on foot or driving the company’s red scooters, trucks or cars, they are well known to online shoppers across the country.

These “kuaidi,” or deliverymen, are also committed to their customers and passionate about their mission. To share his feelings about the upcoming Spring Festival holiday — a time when most Chinese businesses are shut, but JD will be delivering as usual — one delivery man recently created an unusual Chinese rap video. On his own time, he made the video to share his enthusiasm and make sure his customers and others know that JD will be open and that he and his teammates will be delivering packages with speeds unparalleled in the industry.

Zhihong Yang, who is in charge of the delivery station in Xuanwei, Yunnan Province, manages a team of nine. Together they are responsible for getting orders out to customers in all the villages and towns across Xuanwei county. Some of them appear in the video, along with local customers and many actual scenes of Yang’s delivery territory and home province of Yunnan.

Zhihong originally got into American music listening to Michael Jackson. When he got into rap, Nas and Tupac were among his favorites. Below is Zhihong’s video that he made himself.


Punctuated by lyrics that highlight JD’s unparalleled service and the rapid speed of JD’s deliveries, he raps about the jungles, fortresses and ancient cities of Yunnan, where “JD red” can be seen. He also sings the praises of the many items customers can buy, including a variety of foods that can be “steamed, fried, boiled, deep-fried, shallow-fried or braised with soy sauce.”

He raps about the heroic delivery man, “that trusted guy who crosses mountains and rivers to send parcels to you … that guy who always smiles, whether burning sun or cold winter…through streets and lanes, all the day and through the night, walking across the farm, service is all.”

Is it a bit campy? Sure. But his passion is genuine and it’s pretty impressive that he put together the song and the video all on his own—all while holding down a job making sure all of his thousands of packages all get there with blazing-fast speed.