Feb 4, 2021|

JD Launches Amazon Kindle Super Box with Guozijian


by Ling Cao

As the Chinese New Year (CNY) is approaching, authorized by the Guozijian Museum, JD and Amazon Kindle have launched an exclusive JD super box.

This super box includes the classic Kindle Paperwhite, a specially designed Kindle cover featuring  traditional Chinese calligraphy of Guozijian(国子监),which is the highest education and education administration body of ancient China since Emporor Yang Guang (569-618AD) of Sui, a one-month card for Kindle Unlimited, a Kindle 2021 diary notebook, plus Chinese couplets and CNY red envelopes.

JD Super Box is a program launched by JD, aiming to produce special boxes by collaborating with brands, designing interesting products to satisfy customers’ different needs.

The Kindle cover reflects Chinese tradition of encouraging people read more books, while Guozijian was a dreaming college for youngsters then to pursue higher education.

A representative from JD’s office products department said, “Guozijian represents a profound cultural and educational element of China, which is in line with the spirit of reading more books. That’s why Amazon Kindle and JD chose to work with Guozijian Museum to deliver this product.”

Leveraging e-commerce and operation experience, Amazon Kindle and JD also found that when purchasing a Kindle, customers care about the appearance very much. The two companies began discussing and preparing for the super box in mid-December last year. With CNY around the corner, both companies have added couplets and red envelopes to the set as best wishes.

During JD’s last June 18 Grand Promotion, over 50 global brands participated in super box program, including Adidas, Karl Lagerfeld and Swisse.