Oct 19, 2020|

JD Launches Integrated Technology Service Solutions for Enterprises


by Ling Cao

JD has launched a technology service brand Dianjiezhi(电解智,pronounces same as 电解质 electrolyte, literally means e-solution wisdom) , which provides integrated technology service solutions for enterprises, in order to facilitate their digital transformation and to make their supply chain more agile. This has been announced during an offline event on October 15th.

Chunzheng Song, president of JD Business said, “Digitalization, network and intelligence are key factors for the next wave of technological and industrial revolution, especially for a company’s supply chain. JD aims to open up and share its long-term capabilities in technology, product and application experience with enterprises, in order to promote their business sustainability.”

There are several challenges for enterprises going digital. First, data is generally not shared among companies. Second, it can be difficult to apply and test the technology in real scenarios. In response to these challenges, JD’s newly launched solutions can integrate technology and services together, building and designing top-level technology, connecting different data and supporting operations. The services will cover the integrated process from pre-purchase to post-sales.

With seven years of operation, JD’s Business department has already served over 8 million enterprise clients in multiple industries. During the pandemic, JD has created a SaaS platform for business procurement, providing 1.31 million clients with a stable and efficient service, helping them resume production and operation.

Going forward, JD will continue to make the solution more comprehensive and tailored for each enterprise.