Oct 27, 2020|

JD Logistics Awarded Best Social Enterprise in Greater China


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics, JD.com’s logistics arm, has been awarded by HRoot, China’s leading human resources media company, as one of the total 14 enterprises including Manpower Group, Bayer China, SGS China and Dalian Wanda Group won the Best Social Enterprises in Greater China award on October 24th.

With the mission “Powered by technology for global efficient circulation and sustainable development”, JD Logistics received the award for combining revenue growth, profitability, and for creating value for its employees, clients, the industry, the society and the environment.

Powered by technology for global efficient circulation and sustainable development

As of now, JD Logistics has served 200,000 business clients to provide integrated supply chain and logistics services. Its logistics network is able to deliver 90% of JD.com’s first party orders in 24 hours, providing an efficient logistics experience that no other company at this scale in the world can match.

Despite the rapid development of business scale, JD Logistics is committed to providing its employees a dignified, happy and fulfilling working experience. With more than 200,000 full-time logistics employees, the company continues to provide staff with competitive salaries and benefits, incorporating advocacy of social responsibilities.

The Green Stream Initiative is JD Logistics’ key sustainability strategy. Since its launch in 2017, JD Logistics has been leading the industry in cutting its carbon footprint such as application of recycled packages, new energy logistics vehicles and photovoltaic power generation.

With the goal of becoming a world-leading supply chain logistics enterprise, JD Logistics will keep promoting rapid industry growth and sustainable development.