Oct 26, 2020|

JD Logistics to Power Humanwell Healthcare’s Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


by Yuchuan Wang

Humanwell Healthcare Group, a China-based integrated healthcare solutions provider, has inked a partnership with JD Logistics who will help Humanwell build an integrated smart medical supply chain management system.

JD Logistics will power Humanwell in four major areas. First, it will help the healthcare company upgrade its warehouse management system to be flexible enough to manage multiple warehouses. Second, by building a highly expansible and compatible system, JD will enable every order of Humanwell to be tracked. Third, JD will help manage Humanwell’s up and downstream partners’ data digitally and systematically. Finally, an operations data visual platform will help the company make informed decisions and improve the sales forecast accuracy.

“The digitization of supply chain is of great significance in improving the overall operations efficiency especially under uncertainty,” said Hongjie Zhang, chairman and general manager of Humanwell. “Leveraging the partnership with JD, we hope to build an even more efficient warehouse management system which may provide a new method supply chain management in the medical industry.”

“JD Logistics is committed to building an agile supply chain with partners like Humanwell to further improve the industry’s supply chain level and technology services,” said Bing Fu, head of strategy at JD Logistics. “The exploration with Humanwell will provide a supply chain solution replicable throughout the entire pharmaceuticals industry.”