Jan 7, 2021|

JD Logistics Collaborates with Chinese Movie to Bring Warmth to Consumers


by Hui Zhang

To celebrate the coming of the New Year, JD Logistics partnered with Chinese Movie “Warm Hug” to release special delivery boxes with the film’s theme and set up a pop-up store in Beijing to bring the warm-hearted story to consumers.

The movie tells the story of a piano teacher whose deep obsession with neatness and perfection almost leads him to commit suicide. It goes on to explore how his parents’ lack of and aversion to affection drove him to reject human contact. Through the cooperation with the film studio, JD Logistics aimed to bring love and hugs to consumers who have been through a hard time in the past year due to the COIVD-19.

To mark the cooperation, JD Logistics designed special delivery boxes, each of which can stretch out a small hand to make a hug action.

“We wanted to give warm hugs to our consumers when they receive the delivery box and make them feel warm in coherence with the movie’s theme,” said a representative from JD’s marketing team.

JD Logistics also set up a pop-up store in Beijing to bring love to more consumers. Consumers who participated the event offline have the chance to win film tickets for free.