Jan 6, 2021|

In High Demand on JD: Four Must-haves for Beijing’s Blistering Winter Commute


by Ella Kidron

Following China’s Central Meteorological Observatory issuing its first cold wave warning of 2021, searches for four commuting essentials spiked on JD.

1. Wind Deflecting Blanket

As soon as temperatures drop in Beijing, one can see hordes of busy commuters on their electric bikes outfitted in what looks like a blanket with sleeves. Designed to keep people extra warm against the fierce winds, these blankets, which come in all different colors and prints, keep people fully covered, from head to toe.

Wind Deflecting Blanket

2. Hand-Warming Portable Charger

What’s better than a cute and fun portable battery charger? One that warms your hands! This product takes into account the fact that not only do phones run out of battery much quicker in the cold, but that using a phone with gloves on can be finicky.

Hand-Warming Portable Charger on JD online ecommerce store

3. Winter Mask

Hats and scarves are great, but they often leave a fair amount of the face exposed to wind chill. That is why this winter mask, which in some cases covers everything but they eyes, is a high demand item among JD’s Beijing consumers as it is getting cold.

Winter Mask on jd online store

 4. Anti-fog Lens Wipes

You’re on the scooter, masked up and breathing heavily, only to find that your glasses have fogged up. This is not only frustrating, but also extremely dangerous. This is why anti-fog lens wipes, which are used prior to getting on the road, are an essential. A quick wipe of the lenses and any mist that comes your way stands no chance.

Anti-fog Lens Wipes available now on jd online store