Nov 16, 2020|

JD Logistics Helps Growers Sell during Singles Day


by Yuchuan Wang

During this past Singles Day Grand Promotion (November 1st – November 11th), JD Logistics’ transportation of agricultural products increased 5 times compared with the same period last year. Its leading supply chain and logistics capabilities are helping more and more nationwide farmers succeed during the world’s largest shopping festival.

In early November, JD built a sorting warehouse in Meishan, Sichuan province, one of the biggest places of origin for citrus in China, to help local citrus growers more easily sort and transport the local specialty to customers nationwide in 24 hours. The first day of the warehouse’s operations was on November 4th.

JD’s Meishan citrus sorting warehouse spans an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. Located in the place of the fruit’s origin, it will comprehensively lower the supply chain cost. Its launch enables customers even in Beijing, 1,800 KM away, to receive fresh Meishan citrus delivered by JD in 24 hours after it was harvested from the farm.

JD’s cargo vans also drive into Chenggu county in Shaanxi province. Leading up to the Singles Day period, tangerine growers in the county had encountered serious problems. Impacted by COVID-19, fewer wholesalers were coming to this small county to buy tangerines and the price once fell to RMB 0.6 yuan per kg. Knowing this situation, JD dispatched transportation and sales teams to purchase from the growers at RMB 1.2 yuan per kg and brought the local specialty to online sales channels.

JD courier helps growers in Chenggu weigh tangerine

JD courier helps growers in Chenggu weigh tangerine

Meishan and Chenggu are only two examples of the 530 agricultural specialty projects that JD Logistics has supported in 2020. Across China, JD is helping local growers build agricultural product standards from farming, production to warehousing, sorting and quality control. In addition, the company is providing a series of e-commerce services to local merchants such as training seminars, online operation agency services, free launch and more.

JD is committed to leveraging its supply chain, logistics, e-commerce and more expertise to help more farmers in China. The company will bring the freshest produce to Chinese consumers and lead the development of the country’s fresh food business development.