Feb 8, 2023|

JD Logistics Helps Malaysian Baby and Maternal Brand Improve Fulfillment Efficiency


by Tong Shen

JD Logistics has helped Anakku, a Malaysian baby and maternal brand, improve fulfillment efficiency by 30 percent with all orders fulfilled in 24 hours. The partnership started in August 2022, and JD Logistics has since provided warehousing and fulfillment services to over 1,000 Anakku stores throughout Malaysia.

JD Logistics currently runs self-operated and collaborative warehouses in Malaysia, offering services including B2B and B2C logistics, omni-channel fulfillment, goods return logistics, transportation and more.


Before cooperating with JD Logistics, Anakku faced challenges such as low warehousing accuracy, delivery inefficiency and unstable delivery time, etc. JD Logistics helped the brand develop a customized end-to-end supply chain solution that is based on in-depth research of Anakku’s overall goods volume, vehicles, personnel and other details. JD Logistics also helps manage 10+ transportation companies to monitor their delivery time, optimize the working efficiency and cut Anakku management costs. As a result, Anakku’s omni-channel orders in and around Kuala Lumpur can be delivered the next day, and the time used is less than 50 percent of the local average.

Ng Meng Guan, Chief Commercial Officer of Anakku, said, “We look forward to cooperating with JD Logistics deeper in supply chain collaborations beyond logistics services, and also developing in the Chinese market by leveraging their domestic supply chain capabilities. ”

Currently, JD Logistics’ international business operates approximately 90 bonded warehouses, international direct mail warehouses and overseas warehouses, covering an aggregate GFA of approximately 900,000 square meters with an over 70 percent increase year-over-year.