Jan 21, 2021|

JD Logistics Supports Delivery of Epidemic Prevention Materials from Guangzhou to Beijing


by Ella Kidron

Over the last few days, several cases of COVID-19 have cropped up around Beijing. To support the epidemic prevention response in the capital, JD Logistics, along with Guangzhou Railway Group and China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., supported the transfer of goods from Guangzhou to Beijing (approx. 2,300 km via rail).

A train with 40-cars of containers of masks, disinfectant and medication, food and other epidemic prevention materials departed Guangzhou on Jan. 18 in the afternoon.

This is the first special train from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater bay area to aid Beijing with epidemic prevention materials this year. The goods were transferred from JD Logistics’ warehouses in Guangzhou and Foshan to Guangzhou Tangxi Railway Freight Yard.

Guangzhou Railway Group then set up a special train for the materials to be transported to Beijing’s Dahongmen Station, from which they will be promptly delivered to JD’s storage center and then out to Beijing residents by JD Logistics.